Where can I purchase the ONU?

ONU will be available on Indiegogo starting December 5th, 2023. The TALL ONU is expected to retail at €47, and the shorter one at €39. However, you can secure an early bird discount of up to 50% (valid for only 2 weeks)

Furthermore, if you sign up for our newsletter and become a subscriber, you will receive special offers. The Indiegogo campaign represents the last opportunity to acquire ONU at this exclusive discounted rate.

Visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/onu-the-most-comfortable-handle-less-mug–2 to reserve your ONU Mug today!

Is it only for hot beverage?

No, the ONU mug is suitable for both hot and cold beverages, providing versatile usage options.

How long do you suggest enjoying ONU?

We recommend enjoying your drink within a reasonable timeframe to experience optimal temperature retention, typically around 20-30 minutes.

Is it possible to put it in the oven?

No, porcelain products are normally not designed to be used in the oven. That’s why the ONU mug also is not recommended to be used in the oven.

Is it also microwave-safe?

Yes, the ONU mug is microwave safe, allowing you to conveniently heat your beverage.

I can see a small hole in the bottom of the mug. Is this normal?

Yes, the small hole in the bottom of the mug is intentional and serves as a vent to allow air circulation during the manufacturing process. It does not affect the functionality or durability of the mug.

Is it easily breakable?

The ONU mug is made of durable ceramic material and is designed to withstand everyday use. However, it is still recommended to handle it with care to avoid accidental drops or impacts.

If it feels too hot to grab, is there any problem with the product I received?

The ONU mug is designed to provide a warm touch while enjoying your drink. However, the perception of temperature can vary depending on individuals and external factors such as weather and surroundings. Therefore, the sensation of heat may differ for each person

Can I use any type of dishwasher?

The ONU mug is dishwasher safe and can be safely washed in most types of dishwashers. However, to maintain its longevity, it is recommended to use a gentle or delicate cycle.

Can I use any type of detergent to wash it?

It is recommended to use mild dishwashing detergent or soap to clean your ONU mug and avoid abrasive or harsh chemicals that may damage the surface or color.

Do you have a return policy?

If you receive mugs of the wrong quality, please reach out to our customer support team with your order details, and we will assist you in arranging an exchange.