About the Product

Is the ONU mug only suitable for hot beverages?

No. The ONU mug can be used for all types of beverages.

It allows you to hold hot drinks without feeling the heat and prevents condensation on the outside when holding cold drinks. The internal temperature is also maintained longer.

What is the optimal usage time and precautions for using the ONU mug?

While the ONU mug can maintain the temperature of beverages longer than other mugs, we recommend enjoying your drink within 20-30 minutes for the best experience.

Although the ONU mug is designed to prevent you from feeling the heat, external conditions or personal sensitivity might cause you to feel some warmth. This is a natural occurrence, so please don’t be alarmed. However, if the mug remains excessively hot or if you have concerns, please contact us.

Are there any precautions for cleaning or preparing beverages?

Due to the nature of porcelain products, oven use is strictly prohibited.

While microwave use is possible, frequent use is not recommended.

Any type of dishwasher or detergent can be used.

I’m worried about the mug breaking since it’s ceramic

The ONU mug is not a fragile ceramic product that requires extreme care. It is designed for everyday use, including daily tea drinking.

However, like any ceramic or glass cup, it can break if dropped or subjected to significant physical force, so please handle it with care.

What is considered a product defect?

If the product is cracked or partially broken upon delivery, it is classified as a defect. In such cases, please contact our customer service before using the product for your safety.

However, small dots, holes, or warping that may occur during the manufacturing process are inherent characteristics of handmade products and are not considered defects eligible for exchange or refund.

I see a small hole on the bottom of the mug. Is this normal?

Yes, the ONU mug features a double-walled design. To achieve this, the ceramic needs a small hole at the bottom during the firing process. The hole is completely sealed, so you can use it safely.

All ONU mugs have this feature, so you can use them without worry.

Is it possible to make a bulk purchase?

In principle, there is no limit to the number of purchases on our website.

However, for ONU mugs, which are 100% handcrafted, bulk orders may take longer to produce.

After confirming your order, our customer service team will contact you if any adjustments to quantity or shipping are needed.

About Orders

Can I change the color, size, or quantity after placing an order?

In principle, changes are not possible, but they can be made before shipment if you contact us. Changes to the color for the same quantity can be made upon request, and size or quantity changes can be handled through additional payment or refund.

Please contact customer service for details. Note that changes are not possible once shipping has started.

I’m having trouble with the payment process or placing an order

It might be a system error. If the issue persists, please contact us via email.

Our service team will get in touch to resolve the problem.

Are there any discounts for bundle purchases?

We are in the process of creating a bundle purchase section.

About Shipping

Is the product price inclusive of shipping costs?

No, the product price does not include shipping costs.

The final shipping cost will be calculated based on the address you provide during checkout.

How are shipping costs determined, and approximately how much are they?

All our products are shipped from Berlin, Germany. Shipping costs are transparently calculated according to DHL’s international shipping rates.

But for the short information, as a token of our appreciation, shipping is free for orders over 5 kilograms.

Your exact shipping cost can be seen when you check out.

Please also check the details on the shipping policy page, which vary based on the destination country and quantity.

The shipping fee is too expensive. Why is that?

Currently, as we are in the process of setting up our website, shipping will unavoidably be carried out through individual DHL shipments. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

ONU will continue to strive for cost-saving measures in shipping, and once these are implemented, we will notify you through announcements. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Is shipping free if I buy a lot?

Currently, our shipping fees are based on DHL shipping rates according to our internal policy.

However, as a token of our appreciation for large purchases, we offer free shipping for orders over 5 kilograms.

(ONU's shipping policy is based on weight.)

How long does shipping take?

All our products are shipped from Berlin, Germany. Delivery times may vary depending on the destination.

Within Germany, it takes 1-3 days, within the EU 3-5 days, and other regions can take 10-20 days.

Once shipping starts, you will receive a tracking number to monitor your shipment.

Is there a high risk of damage during shipping?

We always mark packages with “Fragile” stickers and include product descriptions to minimize damage during shipping.

Consequently, the damage rate during shipping is less than 1%.

However, if you receive a damaged product, please contact customer service immediately.

After Shipping

I want to post a product review!

We are currently setting up a review page. In the meantime, if you tag @onnu.berlin on Instagram with your product review, we will send you a discount coupon as a thank you.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

I want to exchange or refund a product

ONU’s exchange and refund policy allows for returns within 30 days of receiving the product.

For simple changes of mind, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

In the case of product defects, exchanges and refunds will be processed with free return shipping.

Please refer to our Return Policy for more details.